Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second Coming (Prometheus’ Lovesong)

“Prometheus stole fire from Zeus,” you said,
“and he lost his freedom as a punishment”.

But he earned his athanasia
in the communal mind of men,
as he set the world ablaze
for the ransom of us mortals,
a christlike figure amongst
our Greek forefathers
who bestowed the gift of reason upon me
and the gift of tragedy upon thee
through this blasphemous treason.

True, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus
and he lost his freedom as a punishment,
a befitting forfeiture for a Mātariśvan
who dared to defy the will of the gods.

But fret not,
as I can’t lose my freedom,
for I am freedom
and freedom is me,
sent here to resteal you
so that men again can see.

Mużika: Tell All The People - The Doors