Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grazzi u saħħa Alfred!

"È molto più facile [...] essere un eroe che un galantuomo. Eroi si può essere una volta tanto; galantuomini, si dev'esser sempre." - Il piacere dell'onestà, Luigi Pirandello

Mużika: Fool's Overture - Supertramp

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Blogger Sandro Vella qal/qalet...

MALTA BLOGS COMPETITION 2008 starting from Tuesday, 1st April 2008

1. Blog of the Month
2. Blog of the Year
3. Observer of the Year

My hope is that you not only participate but also encourage others (bloggers / readers) to participate. This helps to promote and strengthen the blogosphere in Malta and that related to Malta. The contest can also help blogs to keep their true meaning and the purpose for which they were originally opened while also encouraging them to remain veritable virgins.

More information on the right side-bar on the front page of www.sandrovella.org

Direct links:
The blogs list: www.sandrovella.org/listablogs.html
The regulations: www.sandrovella.org/blogrules.html
The voting application: www.sandrovella.org/blogsub.html

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