Monday, February 25, 2008

Lowell's Kosmic Fiasco

(This letter letter was initially sent to The Times of Malta. The editor, however, opted to discard it in favour of "more relevant issues." Thank you very much. I must also thank Sandro Vella for publishing this letter on his blog.)

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter with reference to the latest interview given by Mr. Norman Lowell to freelance internet journalist Sandro Vella.

As one might have expected, Norman’s sudden comeback prior to the forthcoming general elections consisted in yet another sophistic allocution outlining his vision for all Humankind. Due to restrictions of time and space, however, I shall limit myself to comment on two major issues about which I feel very strongly.

To begin with, Mr. Lowell launched another verbal assault on the potential and efficacy of our mother tongue. Once more he has reiterated that the Maltese language, due to its supposed limitations, is incapable of lending itself useful for serious academic studies. Nothing can be further than the truth. Through my personal experience of working with the Maltese language, not only professionally as a translator of European legislation but notably also in the field of philosophical and literary translation, I can testify that our mother tongue is as semantically dexterous as virtually any other language. The Maltese language, if properly mastered, can handle any range of subject matter conceivable: from mediocre kitsch to Heideggerian phenomenology, from mundane small talk to Wilberian Spiral Dynamics, from teleshopping to Baudelairian poetry - you name it.

The problems of this language stem not from any false-believed lack of intrinsic adeptness but primarily from the cultural apathy of our political and economic establishments, which hitherto have done nearly nothing to promote, foster and further develop its academic use. In this regard, I find it tragic that the fate of one of the most precious facets of our national heritage has been left at the mercy of our acultural market forces. As the Maltese proverb goes, “il-biskuttini f’ħalq il-ħmir.”

My second point concerns the question I had sent to Mr. Lowell regarding the evolution of Collective Human Consciousness. At the outset, I must say that I was appalled at Norman Lowell’s despicable misappropriation of process Idealism, intentionally aimed at underpinning his megalomaniac Imperium Delirium. Norman refers to the fulfillment of the evolution of Human History as Kosmotheism, that is, that long-awaited historical stage in which the Collective Consciousness of Humanity will finally attune itself to the Kosmic* creative forces of the Universe.

However, Lowell cannot help but get himself into serious trouble time and again by mingling his brand of Transcendental Idealism with extreme-rightist Romanticism, the spirit of which boils down to nothing but Elitist Separatism of the Hegelian Right. Nevertheless, virtually all the major spokesouls who have graced the history of mystical thought were all in agreement on one fundamental tenet, namely that despite their apparent diversity, all human beings - regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, creed and sexuality - are inherently, essentially and inseparably ONE.

Thus petty nationalism/regionalism and hostile racialism are definitely a no-no, as the accomplishment of such a lofty ideal exacts that everybody must be taken on board on equal terms.

Given that freedom of speech so permits him, Norman Lowell can enunciate in public his quasi-Hitlerian fallacious ideology all he likes, but to pass himself as a talking head of Kosmotheism is unreservedly unacceptable.

Mr. Lowell, with all his sophistry and pseudo-Zarathustrian pretensions, would like us to think that he is some champion of reason. In view of this offensive historicist fiasco, however, I can consider him no more than a typical epitome of dialectical treason.

*The term Kosmos to refer to all of manifest existence, including various realms of consciousness. The term Kosmos so used distinguishes a nondual Universe (which, in this view, includes both noetic and physical aspects) from the strictly physical Universe that is the sole concern of the traditional materialist amd reductionist sciences.

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